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The past few years have seen a wave of the minimalistic trend. Nowadays, it’s all about less is more, and finding small ways to amplify your home’s architectural features with less. As we embrace this trend, we need to find ways that speak not only to the trend but also incorporate each person’s personality to their home. After all, no matter what trend is being embraced, it needs to speak to you before you can truly embrace it.

Below we have a few tips for keeping a minimalist home by adding decorative aluminium shutters to your home.


The first step to infusing the minimalistic trend is to declutter your home of all the unneeded things. If you’ve lived in the same house for many years, one tends to keep a lot of unwanted items. Just a thought of how your garage and storage looks should tell you just how much your home needs a new wave of fresh air and space.

With the introduction of aluminium shutters into your home, you not only add light to your space but infuse an aesthetically pleasing feature which inevitably makes your home more beautiful. This also takes away the old curtains that are can be a nightmare to wash.


These days everyone is always pressed for time and choosing a neutral base colour aluminium shutter that doesn’t require cleaning often is a great way to help free up more of your time, so you can spend more time doing thing require more of your attention. Selecting a neutral colour base is also crucial to keep in line with the minimal aesthetic. For example, white tones, black shades or wood tones.

If you intend on utilizing a white-based décor scheme, you could break this by selecting a wood toned aluminium shutter (beige, taupe or cream).


Redecorating your home can be a costly exercise, but worth it in the end. Keeping minimalist ideals can seem expensive as well, seeing that you’ll be going for quality over quantity.

Try to find an excellent couch, beautiful pieces of furniture and invest in good quality decorative aluminium shutters. Time and elements take their toll on blinds and curtains; aluminium shutters are ideal as they give the space texture, style and a clean finish which speak to a minimalist aesthetic.

By choosing shutters, you are killing two birds with one stone essentially. Aluminium shutters are functional and add to the overall look of the space with its clean lines, concealed mechanisms – which ticks all your minimalist boxes.

At Shutterlux, it gives us great pleasure to see our clients happy with our products and tips. Be sure to comment and share your views. We’d love to hear from you.

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