Automated VS Manual Shutters?


In modern day society, the majority of things have advanced to make our lives easier. Whether it's a remote control, because who wants to reach for the television when you don’t have to, or a security camera, so we can identify whose at the front door. Gone are the days of inconvenience, right? Well, almost. We have to ask ourselves is new always better?

So which shutter solution is best?

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Automated shutters

What are automated shutters ?

This product is made from aluminium and consists of a small motor that opens and closes the slats by the simple push of a button. So whether you like shade or sunlight, achieving this is incredibly easy, being automated.


Easy to operate

Nobody enjoys having difficulty when it comes to utilising a new system, especially complicated ones. With automated shutters, you won't have to lift a finger, because it’s controlled by remote control and is easy to open and close.

Solar power

If you live in South Africa, you've probably experienced a little something by the name of "load shedding”. By installing automated shutters, you'll be eliminating one item associated with the term, as the product can use solar power to function.


People come and go, but unpredictable weather conditions are here to stay. We have to admit that it can be quite disappointing when our valuables are damaged due to Mother Nature. Automated shutters can be purchased as an extra precaution method as it can withstand harsh weather conditions.


Everyone deserves the right to safety. Investing time and money in the installing of Automated Shutters will eventually pay off as it safeguards your home or business from any intruders.

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Manual shutters

What are manual shutters ?

You might assume that these are the same as Automated Shutters, but what is variety without a twist. Manual shutters have a broader crank, making it easier to open and closed by hand.


In today's economy, prices go up; however, one's monthly income stays the same. With Manual Shutters, you'll have the best of both worlds as your home will be the muse for your showstopping Manual Shutters, and your wallet won't be affected.

No electricity - no problem

We all know how unreliable our power supply can be in South Africa, right? Well, manual shutters don't require electricity to operate, removing any frustration during possible power outages.


Manual shutters are not affected by Mother Nature’s mood swings. The window coverings are usually made from materials such as aluminium, which is an excellent barrier against terrible weather conditions.

Both these shutter options are excellent purchases. Personal preference is all based on needs, requirements and where the application of the shutters are required. Shutters remain an excellent investment for any home.

We here at Shutterlux aim to assist you in finding the right product for your home.

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