Four Ways to create designated areas in an open planned space with Aluminium Shutters


The new generation of homeowners or home building is all leaning more into the open planned design home that is why we have these four ways to create areas in an open planned space with Aluminium Shutters.

The new generation of homeowners or home building is all leaning more into the open planned design home they see on the covers of VISI magazine or Top Billing. This stems from the loft or industrial trend of 2017 which has been massively received in 2018 as well. That being said, when you have an open space you will still like to designate various areas to specific home functions like receiving guests, entertain, watching television and enjoying meals. This is where this blog is going to come in handy.

We are going to show you four ways in which you can divide up an open planned space into various sections.

1. Room Dividers

There are many ways to achieve this. You could use free standing bookshelves to create a partition between to spaces, for example, your family room and your living room. Another way to achieve this is to place aluminium shutters that can be used in as bypass shutters to divide these spaces up.

2. Making use of furniture clusters

Another way of cornering off spaces in your open planned area is to plan where to place each piece of furniture. By putting them in elegant shapes, you will immediately be creating a space within a space.

3. Rug placement

Rugs have a way of adding texture to space. By putting down a rug, you will be able to differentiate one area from another. This works well the whole area is tiled (ceramic or wood).

4. Using different kinds of flooring

This is a pricey way of doing it but can be very aesthetically pleasing. You can create a variation in the space by using two kinds of flooring. For example, having your open plan kitchen and dining area tiled and your living spaces fitted with wooden flooring will immediately create that variation.

These tips are easy to implement with compromising the structures of your home. Meaning you can throw down a rug in the lounge and it will immediately separate itself from the dining area. By adding aluminium shutters to the space to divide it will furthermore provide security to certain areas of your home which can be ideal for your family rooms that house your television etc. Additionally, going with the aluminium shutters will give your home the loft/industrial feel along will be separation you need in an open plan space without losing space and light.

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