How to Decorate around your Shutters


How to Decorate around your Shutters

There’s nothing quite like the charm which shutters bring to a room. Although these quaint shutters can do most of the work all by itself, here are a few tips to really transform your space to its full potential.

White Furniture

White furniture

The most popular colour for shutters is white. This classic look is best complemented with light-coloured furniture and décor. White will make the shutters pop even more. To make sure the room does not end up too bland or drab, add a pop of colour where you can in things like cushions, plants, rugs, paintings and more.

Accent Wall

Accent wall

The white shutters will become a stunning feature if the wall on which they reside is painted in an accent colour.
You can get as creative as you like and even just keep changing the accent wall colour every few years to freshen up your space, as long as the rest of your furniture is predominantly neutral and has a few subtle references to your chosen accent colour.



If you opt for a wooden shutter instead of a white one, bring in the same shade as the wood or darker elsewhere in the room so that the darkest area is not coming from your window treatment.

Apart from that, you have the freedom to mix neutrals and colours in the rest of the furniture in the room.

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