When it’s time to install new shutters in your house, you find yourself at a crossroad as you need to choose which type of shutters to purchase. At most times, even the salesperson where you’ll be buying your shutters can confuse you even more with all the industry jargon.

At Shutterlux Shutters we make sure to give our clients easy to understand solutions to their problems, this is what inspires us. To ensure our clients understand the answers to their questions, and the most asked question is; What are the pros and cons of PVC shutters when compared to wooden shutters.

Different Shutters For Different Uses

The maximum span for a single shutter panel varies for the two products. Wooden shutters can span up to 1000mm in width, whereas PVC Shutters can only span to a maximum width of 700mm. 

This is due to PVC Shutters being heavier and less rigid than wooden shutters. Therefore, in some cases, if people wish to use PVC Shutters rather than wood for some window sizes, you may not achieve the desired number of shutter panels per window as you would like. 

An example of this is, a window is 900mm wide (quite common in newly built homes), if you use PVC Shutters the required number of panels is 2 due to the single panel width limit of 700mm for PVC Shutters, if you use timber this window can have 1 panel as the single panel width limit for wood is 1000mm. In many of the newly built homes, a minimalist look is what most of our customers wish to achieve, as seen from the example above in a lot of cases timber is required to complete this throughout living areas of homes.

Which type of shutter is best for wet areas?

PVC shutters are perfect for wet areas as they are waterproof.

Wooden shutters are not waterproof; however, are an excellent product for living areas that don’t require waterproofing.

Which shutter type would be best for my new house?

Both are great products, and when used correctly in conjunction with our knowledge, we will provide an appealing and functional system for any window. Simply get in touch with us at Shutterlux Shutters, and we’ll be looking forward to giving you nothing but the best service and products.

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