Custom-Made Wooden Shutters

Manufactured from sustainably-grown timber, our superior quality wooden shutters are a permanent addition to your home, meaning they do not need to be periodically replaced like other window treatments.

In rooms that you wish to darken, wooden shutters block out more light than most other window coverings, and light and airflow can be filtered in different ways by rotating the louvres of the shutters to various angles.

Wooden shutters also minimize allergens with solid surfaces where dust can’t linger and easily wipe clean, unlike soft window treatments. Shutters keep your home cooler in summer by deflecting direct sunlight, and wooden shutters keep the house warmer in winter by providing additional insulation to the window.

Basswood Wooden Shutters

Basswood is one of the strongest hardwood species available, making it the ideal choice for wooden shutters. It is solid and not porous – making it resistant to wood borer – and it is known for its stability, strength and hardness, which all add to the shutter security.

  • Classed as hardwood and comes from the Linden family of trees
  • Not too heavy, nor too light, therefore offering a reasonable amount of hardness for good resistance to knocks and bumps
  • Resistant to warping and bowing
  • Can be shaped to suit almost any window shape
  • Mortise and Tennon shutter joint for strength
  • Panels are rebated to allow for privacy and eliminate gaps of light between the panels
  • 8-week lead-time

Fully Custom-Manufactured Wooden Shutters

  • Wooden shutters custom-manufactured for each opening
  • Wide range of L and Z frames available
  • Bay and corner posts
  • Wide range of painted and stained finishes
  • Central / offset / hidden tilt bar
  • Louvre sizes available in 63mm, 89mm, 114mm
  • 3 wooden shutter systems to choose from:
    1. Bi-fold
    2. By-pass
    3. Hinged


  • 5-year guarantee

Have a few more questions? Make sure you read our FAQ page to get all the answers you need about shutters.

If you need a quote or would like to talk to one of our helpful consultants, contact us today.

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