4 Tips to Modern Interior Design with Wooden Shutters

4 Tips to Modern Interior Design with Wooden Shutters

Create that warm & cosy feeling in your home with our handcrafted wooden shutters this winter.

When purchasing or renting an already built house, you may have to take certain things as is. One may be; the house is cold and too open for that cosy family feel most would consider vital. However, you cannot always make architectural changes to the spaces. You may be renting and therefore cannot make extreme changes or you have purchased the house, and that took a big chunk out of your budget already.

Worry not; this is where interior design and décor comes to the rescue. There are many smart ways of creating that warm and modern feel to a cold and harsh space with a few décor must-haves including Wooden Shutters .

Here are our 4 tips for creating that homely and inviting feel to a cold space.

1. Use layering

The warm design is not just for the closed off spaces of your home like your study or bedroom areas. Your living spaces, like your television room or lounge, are the centre of your home and the most used space. Offer this space up by creating a more inviting and cosy feel by adding different layers like multiple frames on the walls, using two different rugs and laying them. You could incorporate different textures and colours of cushions on your couch.

Another great way of layering is to have a dark shade of wooden flooring and accent that with our white or grey wooden shutters.

2. Add knitted throws

Everyone loves a good throw. If you have the privilege of having bay windows or large openings, place a beautiful occasional chair in dark leather, next to a grey wooden shutter. Place your knitted throw on the chair. These textures will create warmth in the space and complement each other well.

3. Include a touch of Leather

If you are going to the minimalist colour scheme, a leather piece, like a couch or an armchair - will add that warmth you need in the space. Furthermore, white wooden shutters add well to the minimalist feel as they have clean lines and will accent well next to the massive leather couch.

4. Mix glamorous elements with a woodsy element like Wooden Shutters

One woodsy accent will immediately give you warmth in a space. If you have white walls or light grey tiles, adding wooden shutters will create that cosy, warm and relax feeling. If you have dramatic chromatic lighting fixtures, the wooden shutters will mix well and create design surprises


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