A Trip Down Shutter Memory Lane

A Trip Down Shutter Memory Lane

There is a long history for the use of shutters

Ah school, the good old days. What are your fondest memories from those days? Was it spending time with your friends during recess? Goofing off and cracking jokes in class? Perhaps you were the athletic type and enjoyed playing different sports after school? Or maybe you found pleasure in learning about various subjects such as Mathematics, English and Life Skills. No matter what your past preference, prepare yourself for a treat, as we take you back thousands of years to the story of how shutters began. So sit back, put up your feet, relax and prepare for a shutter eye-opener (yes this was intended).

Shutter myths or not?

An urban myth tells the tale during the 17th century. King Louis XIV guards had a tendency of becoming distracted by the beautiful ladies in the courtyard. The royal leader was not pleased by this and solved his problem by installing Louvre Shutters. Some people presume that the term Louvre was named after the King.

I Louvre Greece

All myths aside, Shutters are believed to have made their big debut in the ancient city of Athens, Greece. Apparently, the locals used fixed louvres to minimise the sizzling Mediterranean heat and control light while allowing clean, fresh air inside.
Eventually, the original marble louvres were replaced with wood, resulting in moveable louvre shutters.

Mob secure

This particular shutter has a rather lively and entertaining history, dating back to medieval European security. Shutters were solid, closed with an iron bar for protection against any intruders that wish to attack.

These shutters were used before glass

Only during Queen Elizabeth’s reign and the Tudor period (1558-1603) was glass introduced. Glass wasn't considered affordable, so the window consisted of half glass and half solid shutter.

Cool and collected

Cast your mind back to those big old mansions with the white shutters, remember them? You would think that it had something to do with the trend of that era. However, they actually served a purpose.

Shutters were painted white to keep homes situated in the cotton plantations cool on scorching hot days. 

Stylish yet practical

During the 15th century, people from Europe, Britain and Spain took part in many adventures like exploring the Caribbean, North America and Central America. This was the beginning of the New World and the start of Ornate Shutters.

The British thought of the shutters as a form of home decor, however people from Spain and France noticed its practicality, which boosted its popularity globally. The evolution of shutters is phenomenal as its history is filled with exciting and diverse stories.

Look at the uses for shutters in today’s modern times! There are timber shutters, security shutters, security roller shutters and so much more.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for this fantastic product.


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