Advantages of Automatic Roller Shutters

Advantages of Automatic Roller Shutters

Roller shutters usually offer two types of manoeuvring; hand crank or manual rollers and automatic or remote-control operated rollers. The price difference is indeed substantial; however, each has advantages and disadvantages. When one has to make a choice between the two shutters it may seem like a tough choice.

This is because most do not understand that the two products are entirely different and their functions are, for the most part, mutually exclusive. To make the task of choosing between the two easy, in this blog, we focus on both the disadvantages and advantages of automatic roller shutters compared to manual roller shutters.

  1. Automatic roller shutters are sleek, classy and smooth
  2. Suitable for most places, best for large coverings and outdoor areas.
  3. Easy hauling with a remote control or a wall switch
  4. Easy to clean – minimal dust accumulation in the concealed sheath while not in use.
  5. Can close all shutters of the home all at once with one click. Most suitable for large areas.
  6. The remote control enables you to install roller shutters in hard to access areas.
  7. Best for heavy shutters of metal or other dense materials which is indispensable for security and protection.
  1. High priced, when compared to the hand, cranked rollers.
  2. Not suitable for areas where there could be a power shut down.
  3. Regular maintenance needed.
  4. Automatic roller shutters work on the power supply. Creating a power source near the area of installation is necessary.
  1. Manual roller shutters work out cost-effective than automatic ones.
  2. They are convenient for lighter doors and windows
  3. Does not depend on electricity and can be used even in the event of power failures especially in areas which are prone to them.
  1. They are cumbersome sometimes, especially when you are in a hurry.
  2. Manual roller shutters come with a crank object which is fixed at the side of the shutter. This sometimes clashes with the elegant and sleek decor of the interior home.
  3. Be wary of using a lot of power on the crank lever.
  4. They are sometimes hard to operate in large areas and gets tiring

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