The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to start planning your vacation. Before you plan, thinking about the security of your home and belongings in your absence is critical. This leads to a question most people ask themselves; what can I do to get a reduced insurance premium for my home. Another issue is; can security shutters reduce my insurance premium?

Well, our team at Shutterlux Shutters sat down and discussed the effect security shutters have on insurance premiums. In this blog, we’ll be looking at all that in-depth, so you can start preparing for your vacation in peace.

Your insurance premium is calculated based on numerous factors. How much pay each month depends hugely on the locality of your property and will vary between different insurance companies, as each has different standards. Another critical factor that determines your insurance premium is how well your property is secured; this factor plays a pivotal role in your premium.

It is then no guess that the higher the security around your property, the cheaper your insurance premium will be. Let us now get into how our security shutters can help to reduce your insurance premium.


Our Security Shutters are more than a decorative feature to your home but are shutters with an added benefit of security. We manufactured our shutters locally, and the aluminium adjustable louvre shutters are specifically introduced to offer our clients with a shutter with added security features. As a team that prides themselves on quality, each of our security shutters is handcrafted and designed to offer our clients superior security. We also ensure our security shutters are UV and fade resistant; this ensures durability through all types of weather conditions.

Our security shutters are a substantial security benefit to your home or business. However, investing in more security features around your property will help to reduce your insurance premium further.

Using fire doors will also help, as they can vastly reduce the damage to your property in the event of a fire. Installing steel doors for businesses instead of traditional doors will serve as the base level of security throughout the building.


The main objective for investing in security around your home and business is to reduce the risk of something happening to your property – in this case; shutters will help to significantly reduce the risk associated with your home or commercial premises.

Installing customized security roller shutters adds a higher level of protection throughout your property. Whether you in your business or at your home shutters go a long way to securing your home, ultimately leading to a lower insurance premium.

You can enhance the security of your roller shutter by opting for an automated mechanism, which helps to limit access to those who have legitimate means of entry. This will help lower your risk rating, even more, saving you bucket loads in the end.


An overlooked fact about our shutters is; they are custom manufactured, and this is about the best feature about them. When creating shutters for our clients, we ask them about their needs and expectations; this enables us to create shutters that will serve our clients’ needs to the tee. Whether choose automated shutters or prefer operating them using a manual winder internally, the most significant benefit of roller shutters is that they provide excellent security as they are custom manufactured for each opening.

It's pretty clear from the above mentioned that security shutters aren’t only a good addition to your property but are a worthwhile investment with many benefits. Give us a call today to see how we can custom manufacture your next security shutters.


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