Give Your Home a Warm Rustic Feel with Wooden Shutters

Give Your Home a Warm Rustic Feel with Wooden Shutters

You can now have warm and chic together in your home with Wooden Shutters

Autumn has finally arrived marking a season for change! It's time to open the door to welcome new interior opportunities. From various tones and textures, it'll leave you wanting more. Spend the cold days behind your “rustic” wooden shutters , escaping from the outside world, lazing on a comfy couch, nuzzling under a soft fleece blanket while listening to the crackling sounds of the fire and sipping on a delectable hot chocolate. In fact, timber shutters can be designed with a sleek modern look or with a twist making them look a little more rustic.

Wooden Shutters are incredibly beneficial but what happens when they become used and abused? Do you throw it out? No ways, make a few boxes, add it to your interior and enjoy. This was you are recycling which helps the environment as well. Here are some ideas.

Repurpose wooden shutters as a corner shelf 

“There's way too much available space in this room", said no one ever. Nobody enjoys cramped, untidy places, especially when that place is your home. When it comes to disorganised spaces, we’ve got the perfect solution to your scattered problem. Instead of throwing out your old wooden shutters, reuse them by transforming it into corner shelves. The wooden shutters will provide ampler room, as well as create beautiful aesthetics for you and your guests to enjoy. Add your favourite books and scented candles for a peaceful ambience.

Wine rack

Autumn and wine go together almost as well as the East and West or bed and breakfast. So what better way than storing your wine collection in the most stylish and rustic way possible? Unleash your inner Picasso by creating your very own masterpiece. Instead of throwing your used wooden shutters away when you’ve installed your new ones, immerse yourself in this fantastic DIY project and make the perfect wine rack.

Blanket storage

Everyone enjoys a snooze now-and-then while lying on the couch; the problem is sometimes one tends to get a bit chilly, especially in the evenings and getting up to fetch a blanket from the cupboard can disturb this place of bliss. Making a storage box from your old wooden shutters can be very convenient. Added to this it can serve a dual purpose as a coffee table too. This will also help add to that rustic feel and best of all you can colour code it to suit your interior décor or even change it up. Blankets are a problem to store as they take up quite a bit of space, but with a wooden shutter storage unit at arm’s length, it will help alleviate the problem.

Anyone say spice rack?

With autumn bringing in the first wisps of cooler air, some warmer, spicier food can warm things up a bit. Repurposing old wooden  shutters as a spice holder or rack will give you a reasonable amount of space to store all your favourite fragrant herbs and spices.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, autumn marks a time for change, so why not spoil yourself, your family and your home with some great new wooden shutters and repurpose those old ones into new creations around your home?


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