How To Keep Your PVC Shutter Clean During the Warm Summer Months

How To Keep Your PVC Shutter Clean During the Warm Summer Months

PVC shutters are durable and very easy to maintain, and in this blog will give you the steps you need to keep them looking fresh.

We are but a few days away from December holiday, and we all know what that means. It is time the kids are home from school, parents and relatives are coming in from all over to visit, and you have 101 things on you to do list before the festive season is in full swing.

Making sure your home is sparkling clean is number one on that to do list. Thankfully, if you are a homeowner with PVC shutters or you have been considering making the switch to PVC shutters, this blog will assist you in cleaning those shutters.


Step 1:

As mentioned above, PVC is an easy material and excellent to keep in mint condition. To perform a deep clean, you first need to get rid of all the superficial dirt and dust. Just do so by using a microfiber cloth and wipe every slate of the shutter. Why microfiber? They lock in the dust so that it does not spread all over the room or onto any other surfaces.

If you have a small enough nozzle, you can use your vacuum for this as well.

Step 2:

Once you have completed step one, you are now ready to perform a deep cleanse on your PVC shutters. Grab a bucket with water and mild detergent (be sure to use a cleanser that is free of chemicals or bleaches as this can have long-lasting effects on the PVC material) and start lightly brushing each slate of the shutter with a soft brush or clean microfiber cloth.

Step 3:

Once your PVC shutters are clean, it will be a good idea to tackle your windows. If you can remove your PVC shutters, do so. By doing so, they can dry appropriately while you start cleaning your windows. That way you won’t get the window grim on your already clean PVC shutters.

This might seem like a big task but making sure your keep your PVC shutters clean will ensure that they last longer and remain white and stain free. It is a good idea to perform these three easy steps on a bi-monthly basis or monthly basis in the warm seasons because as we know, bugs are plentiful during summer. That way stains will not burn into the material over time.


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