Keep your Home cool this Summer using PVC Shutters

Keep your Home cool this Summer using PVC Shutters

When living in South Africa, there is one element we all have to deal with, and that is the heat. Yes, there is nothing like a hot South African summer that stretches out from late November right into mid-March. In certain parts of Southern, Africa temperatures can reach a high of 40 degrees Celsius – which is a scorcher.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to keep cool during these hot summer months. When indoors, you want to be able to stay cool without using too much electricity or energy that you usually incur due to air-conditioning, filling up swimming pools and turning up the temperature in your fridge.

What if there was a product that could assist in keeping your home cool during summer, without using energy? We are here to say there is such a product — our PVC shutters.


Our PVC shutters are known to assist in making sure your home is adequately insulated. It is said that if your house is adequately insulated, keeping your windows and doors closed during the day when the heat is unbearable, will assist in keeping your home cool. When your house is not adequately insulated, keeping everything shut during the day will cause a greenhouse effect, making every room warmer and warmer.

Our PVC shutters act as an effective insulator, which means it restricts the about of heat gain which then keeps the interior cooler. Yes, in winter it has the opposite effect – meaning it will keep the heat in.


Heat has a way of building up over time, mainly when the house has been closed during the night. To release the heat, merely open the louvres. This will cause the heat to go out and the cool air to lightly trickle in.

PVC shutters can assist you in making sure that you get the right amount of air flow. That way, you can enjoy the breeze and keep cool without letting all the heat back in. Furthermore, you get to control the amount of sun exposure that beams into the house through the windows. PVC shutters are thus an excellent choice for insulations and keeping your home cool during the summer.


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