Old Wooden Shutters used for Arts & Crafts

Old Wooden Shutters used for Arts & Crafts

Old Wooden Shutters used for Arts & Crafts

So the Easter Holidays are approaching, and you know what that means. The next few days contain your children being at home, family visits and of course, cooking. It's enough to drive anyone up the wall. If only there was a therapeutic way to relax. Good news, there is.
According to studies, the average human produces 60 000 thoughts each day, and 95 percent of those thoughts are exactly the same. Creating various forms of art is a great way to shift away from your routine and give your brain a little break. If you're feeling a bit on edge, why not take a timeout to make something beautiful, particularly with wooden shutters .

Plate rack

In life, there's no such thing as too many plates and utensils. However, not all of us are gifted with large areas of space, which is why transforming your old wooden shutters into a plate rack is an excellent idea! Simply organise your plates on the ridged surface of the shutter. Add a few hooks to the side for a practical space-saving solution.

Statement Wall

Make a statement and be the topic of discussion around your neighbourhood. Paint your wooden shutters variety of different colours to make it stand out. Once that's done, wait for it to dry and arrange it on your wall, do this in an abstract design to make your guests say wow!

Umbrella Holder

Seasons come and go, it is probably best that you're prepared for it. Autumn is finally here, so get out your coats and umbrellas. A unique way to keep your umbrellas organised is by creating a holder with the wooden shutters. This will save you space and money. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!


Did you know plants are tremendous for relieving stress and anxiety? It helps restore calmness to any situation. A study showed that hospital patients who received flowers felt less anxious.
To implement good feng shui in your home, change your old wooden shutters into a plant holder. Use this to display and plant all your favourite flowers in your attractive holder.

Coffee table

Is there anything better than putting your feet up and enjoying a warm cup of coffee? How about building your own coffee table? Roll up your sleeves and use your wooden shutter as a stand for your hot beverages. If you're feeling bold, add some glass to it for a more sophisticated feel.
Use your time to reflect and get your hands dirty. Carpentry is a fantastic way to get to know oneself, plus you'll get fabulous wooden shutter items out of it.


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