Our Romantic & Nostalgic Shutter Inspiration Board

Our Romantic & Nostalgic Shutter Inspiration Board

Window shutters, if done well, can remind you of a bygone era and bring with it a romantic air of nostalgia.
We’ve put together an inspiration board to get you excited about all of the possibilities and options we have to offer for your fairy tale home.

Where Love Stories Begin

Imagine wondering through a small town in Europe with narrow, cobblestone alleyways winding between earthy, double-story, ochre-coloured houses. You hear someone calling down to you and look up to see the love of your life looking out through the window with a smile, worn wooden shutters framing the face that makes your heart skip a beat every time you see it. Such is the magic of a shutter that suits its environment.

Sophisticated Suburbia

What makes wooden shutters so special is that they are not just for faraway lanes in faraway lands, as they are equally suited to a white picket fence home. In this style, you can also substitute it for PVC shutters or security shutters and still keep the neat, suburban look.

In Love with the Shape of… Shutters?

Wooden shutters can also be made to fit windows and spaces of all kinds of shapes and sizes. So if the house you’re in has a window that makes blinds a difficult option, or if you’re renovating and want the most unique windows and window treatments on the block, shutters can add the whimsical layer you need.

Show off your Unique Style

If you’re getting roller shutters for more practical reasons, such as for garages or to securely lock up a shop or room, don’t think that you’re stuck with boring, tinny shutters. Your roller shutter is your blank canvas – get creative! Pick a colour that goes with the rest of your building’s exterior, or use it as a base for your next artwork.


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