PVC Shutters are the Best for Allergy Prone Individuals

PVC Shutters are the Best for Allergy Prone Individuals

Say goodbye to hay-fever and allergies by installing PVC shutters

With the cold season fast approaching, we need to embrace all of the elements that come along with it. Icy temperatures, rain and the blistering wind – these are all the elements one has to take into consideration during autumn and winter. We are well into autumn now, and these elements are now at the forefront of our concerns - mostly the wind. The wind brings all sorts of unwanted guests into our homes. From pet hair to dust, sand and everything else – these objects blow into our homes and offices daily during autumn. Windy weather conditions can affect allergy-prone individuals severely, not to mention the pollen associated with Springtime.

With a busy schedule- keeping those allergies at bay can be a time-consuming task. Who has time to dust and vacuum every single day? What if our PVC shutters could assist by keeping your dust and pollen allergies to a minimum?

Firstly, let’s look at what causes these dust and pollen allergies.

What causes dust and pollen allergies?

• Pollen: Pollen comes from trees, grasses, flowers and weeds.
• Animal hair, fur and feathers: Pets can cause problems for allergic patients in several ways.
• Dust Mites: Dust mites – sometimes called bed mites – are the most common cause of allergy from house dust.

Now, that we have established the causes, it is safe to say that you eradicate these causes with a regular and vagarious cleaning routine. Furthermore, one would need to get medication to treat the symptoms. What if you could limit your medical bill or time spent cleaning your home to get rid of the dust, just by investing in PVC Shutters?

Let’s have a look at how PVC shutters could ensure that your dust allergies are taken care of and even brought under control.

Why are PVC Shutters a good option for people with allergies?

Shutterlux PVC shutters are designed to be durable in areas which are prone to moisture. These areas are usually a prime spot for dust mites. Installing PVC shutters in these areas will make it easy to clean. These shutters were designed to minimise allergens. The surfaces of the louvres are made from a solid PVC material, making them easy to wipe clean and also makes it more difficult for dust to settle on them.

The advantage of this option for your home when you suffer from allergies is that you can keep your home clean and relatively dust-free without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, you can keep your windows ajar during autumn or spring and have a steady flow of fresh air, while maintaining clean shutters as the PVC option has the solid surface as mentioned above. No lingering dust means less sneezing and stuffy noses.


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