Summer Christmas Décor Ideas for a South African Fairytale

Summer Christmas Décor Ideas for a South African Fairytale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

If you’re searching for décor ideas after realising that most of the online inspiration is meant for a white, wintery Christmas, have a look at what we’ve put together to create that festive cheer a bit closer to home.

Colour Switch

Red and green has come to symbolise the holiday season, but you could always give the traditional colour scheme a twist to feel more summery.

  • Switch out the darker shades of green for a lime green.
  • Add other brighter colours along with the red and green.
  • Use pastel colours – e.g. soft, light green with lilac and dusty pink.
  • Play on the white Christmas by using whites, creams and neutrals.

Theme it!

Maybe changing the colour scheme alone isn’t doing it for you. So here are some ideas to bring it all together.

Rustic theme – Use wood wherever you possibly can along with candles or fairylights in mason jars.

Beach theme – Go for a snowman made from sand and table décor made of seashells and driftwood. You can even swap Santa’s winter outfit for a red and white swimsuit!

Metallic theme – Get yourself a few cans of silver, gold and rose gold spraypaint to give new life to all of last year’s Christmas decorations, making them glitter and shine.

Summer theme – For some, this might mean a floral or tropical vibe with coconuts and pineapples. For others, it could mean an outdoor Christmas lunch or braai.

‘Tree’ spirited

Who says your tree has to be an actual tree? Here are some other ways to go cone-shaped with your décor.

  • Succulents make gorgeous Christmas trees when stacked together into the right shape, while still allowing you to keep the greenery.
  • A dessert which looks good tends to taste good, too! Stack up your strawberries or macarons into a tall cone to make your lunch spread more appetising than ever.
  • Make smaller, table-top trees from corks or pinecones.
  • Empty out your bookshelf and stack your favourite books to create a tree-shaped wonder.

So what’s the best part about all of these unique ways to spruce up your space for Christmas? 

Our shutters will match it all and pull it together with ease!


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