Timber Shutters, the Perfect Addition to your New Home

Timber Shutters, the Perfect Addition to your New Home

When building a new home, making sure of the aesthetics from the onset is an absolute must; this not only saves you money but gives your home a personal touch from the beginning. From the type of flooring material which is used to the ceiling and window fittings, each element of your house needs to represent your personality and style. In this month’s blog, we look at how timber shutters are the perfect addition to your new or renovated home. We unpack the reasons why timber shutters continue to be popular shutters in South Africa.


Any investment into your new home needs to be one that is going to last you for time to come, and that is what timber shutters bring as an addition into your new home. Timber shutters are built to last, and if correctly installed they should outlast the life of your home, as they are a permanent addition to the house and unlike many other windows covering options should won’t need to be replaced in the future.


At Shutterlux Shutters, we have timber shutters available in different styles and sizes to fit your style perfectly. Our shutters are custom made to fit your required style, making your home an absolute stunner.

  • Our louvre sizes available in 63mm, 89mm, 114mm
  • Three systems to choose from:
    • Bi-fold
    • By-pass
    • Hinged


Our timber shutters look beautiful from both the inside and outside of the home, with an upscale appearance but a lower price than most designer curtains or drapes, timber shutters can quickly add value to the overall house. And that is not all; timber shutters are versatile enough for any home from traditional to modern, - this means your timber shutters are not going out of fashion any time soon, once again solidifying timber shutters as a worthy investment to home.


Even where they’re closed, timber shutters can be fine-tuned to allow varying amounts of light to enter. The slats can also be adjusted to block light out completely; this makes them perfect window fittings for offices as well. 

Protection: Wood shutters protect against sun and heat in summer and wind and cold in winter as they can be adjusted to allow varying amounts of air to enter.

Our timber shutters continue to be a part of beautiful households across South Africa. Why not give us a call today for an obligation quote on new timber shutters as an investment into your home.


We supply the whole of South Africa, we have dealers in all major city centres. Please contact us and we will be able to put you in contact with the relevant dealer in your area.

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