What are Security Shutters made of?

What are Security Shutters made of?

Welcome to a New Year. With a new year comes a new outlook on various things.

From career, relationship, and child-rearing – our perspectives change and evolve. With that being said, another factor that can be added to that list is the safety and security of our family members, our homes and business premises. Thus we found it a good idea to touch on the topic of safety and our Shutterlux Security Shutters.

In this blog, we will have a closer look at our Security shutters and what goes into making these. Furthermore, we will look at the patented locking system and how effective this is in securing your family, your belongings and your business premises and staff.


Looking around your home, you can say there are various things that you prioritise. They may be making sure the house is clean and dust free, or they may be making that all the spaces are pet-friendly or baby proofed. Other homeowners are more interested in the flow of their home and the aesthetic. The priorities differ from one homeowner to another. There is one element that is vital to every homeowner, and that will be the safety. We all prioritise the safety of our home and our family members.

One way to do this is to invest in safety measure like our security shutters with its patented locking system that is like no other. Our security shutters are made with aluminium and is manufactured from 6063-T6 grade aluminium, making them very sturdy and robust. Furthermore, the shutters are securely locked with a unique cylinder lock that has a 16.5mm stainless steel bolt which secures the bottom track. For added security, there is an 11.5mm stainless steel bullet that secures the top track.


More often than not home safety measures tend to be bulky and not appealing to the eye. This is not the case with the Shutterlux security shutters. By installing the Shutterlux security shutters, you get the added benefit of a security measure that looks amazing in any home, no matter the aesthetic of the house.

These security shutters are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and are UV coated. This makes them durable, safe and aesthetically appealing.


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