Decorative Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium shutters have all the attributes of our security shutters, just without the security devices added in. Our aesthetic aluminium shutters are both pleasing to the eye and functional, making them ideal for interior and exterior use as room dividers, privacy screens, architectural features and even noise retardants. With Shutterlux Shutters, you have a number of […]

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are shutters that are mounted above a door or opening and rolled down to cover and protect the doorway or opening as needed. Perhaps the biggest benefit of roller shutters is that they provide your home with excellent security as they are very closely fitted to the door or window and cannot be pulled […]

Security Aluminium Shutters

Security shutters are a decorative shutter which also boasts the added benefit of safety and security. Locally manufactured aluminium adjustable-louvre shutters specifically introduced to offer clients a shutter with security features. The superior quality security shutters combine aesthetics, practicality and added security to effectively enhance the interior and exterior design of homes, hotels, offices or retail […]

Wooden Shutters

Wooden Shutters add warmth and elegance to a home There’s something special about the outdoors; it creates a calm and soothing effect. It’s exceptionally moving and can even make one feel closer to Mother Nature. However, no matter how much we all enjoy venturing off on hikes and camping trips, sometimes finding the time can […]

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