Wooden Shutters

Wooden Shutters

Wooden Shutters add warmth and elegance to a home

There’s something special about the outdoors; it creates a calm and soothing effect. It’s exceptionally moving and can even make one feel closer to Mother Nature. However, no matter how much we all enjoy venturing off on hikes and camping trips, sometimes finding the time can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, there is a little hack to this problem. Add a bit of earthly love to your home, with wooden shutters.

This is an ideal solution if you’re looking for a long-term investment, not only will it increase the tranquillity of your home, but also the value of your home.

Louvre Shutters

This style of wooden shutters is made from single panes with small wooden slats. It is positioned at different intervals down the length. Most louvre slats hold many benefits, such as it can be angled to let in fresh air and sunlight.

Panel Shutters 

They say less is more, but when it comes to shutters, that saying certainly does not apply. Panel shutters come in a variety of styles. Shutters have never looked this good. One of its best features is that it can be made flat or raised including or excluding different details. However, they cannot be adjusted to allow in the cool breeze and golden sunlight, due to its robust construction.

Batton & Board Shutters

These aren’t just shutters; they contain history, and how you may ask? It was initially used for rustic buildings, such as barns and sheds.

If you prefer uncomplicated and straightforward, then say hello to Board and Batton wooden shutters. Its design is simple and robust. It’s made up of several boards; the sizes may vary however it’s usually always the same size and is lined up vertically against one another, with horizontal boards securing them at the top and bottom.

Bermuda Style Shutters

Imagine a trip to Paris, sharing a cup of coffee with a loved one while witnessing the beauty that is the Eifel Tower. The thought is blissful, but why stop there? Add a piece of Europe to your home, with Bermuda style shutters that are combined with a sophisticated and relaxed feel; it’s made from double panes of louvred timber wood, placed alongside each other and can be adjusted for air and light.

Wooden Shutters in many circles are the future of sustainable window coverings, as it comes in various colours and styles. Stay ahead of the game this 2018.

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