3 Benefits of Roller Shutter Automation

3 Benefits of Roller Shutter Automation

Roller shutter automation is the latest trend when it comes to interior/exterior design. We have a custom solution that is inexpensive and adds so much to your security.

We are proud to announce that we, at Shutterlux, now offer our very own brand of Automation systems for our brand of Roller Shutters . Before we get into the technical side of the automation system as well as the installation process – we would firstly like to introduce the concept of a home automation system. Home automation is a relatively new idea to the South African consumer. However, we have seen this on TV shows and movies. The concept of home automation can control all electronic devices around your home with one device. This has become very popular. Finally we, at Shutterlux, have our very own brand of automation systems tailored to our roller shutters.

Let’s have a look at what exactly a home automation system is and the benefits of using a home automation system.

What is a Home Automation System?

A home automation system is a system of controlled and networked devices that make your home living much more manageable.

Transform your home. Say goodbye to manual labour and hello to your new smart home. An automation system controls things such as lighting, heating, ventilation, security and so much more with the simple press of a button. Just switch on your Wi-Fi or mobile data and log into the app via your cell phone, laptop or tablet to gain access to your home.

Three of the most important benefits of Roller Shutter Automation


When it comes to South African weather, it can be tricky to figure out what the weather will do, as one minute it’s sizzling and the next its bitter cold and even raining. Automated roller shutters offer some great insulation value to one’s windows and larger openings of your home, for example, garages and patios areas. No one wants to run out into the rain to manually open and close their roller shutters now do they?


Imagine having to get up and manually open or close the roller shutters every time or when using a remote, having to replace the batteries at the most inconvenient times. It could become incredibly annoying and even pose a safety threat. Our automation system is easily controlled using an application that you install on your cell phone or tablet. It can also be used remotely while you are not at home.

Privacy & Security

Everyone has the right to privacy, and fully automated roller shutters are the perfect way to achieve it. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a one-story home or a penthouse. Just press the switch to lower the shutters and viola, instant alone time.

Roller shutters also offer a true crime barrier if installed correctly. The automation also saves time, and this could mean the difference between intruders entering your property or not. Roller shutters offer peace-of-mind.

Fully automated roller shutters are a significant investment for business as well, particularly in higher-risk areas and industrial parks. The automated roller shutters will make it easy to lock up shop at the end of the day, giving you efficiency, security and convenience.


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