Curating your Home for the 5 Senses

Curating your Home for the 5 Senses

With spending the better part of our days in our homes, it is only natural to want our space to be as homely as possible.

So we’ve put together a simple way to engage the 5 senses to make your home more homely than ever!


We are tactile beings. That’s why something that feels good can boost our mood infinitely.

Our top tips for utilising textiles as a pick-me-up are:

  • Throws – a microfibre, cotton, linen and even bamboo throw on your couch both feels and looks great
  • Rugs – a soft rug to place your feet on while watching TV or as the first thing your feet touch when getting out of bed in the morning can make a world of difference to the steps that follow
  • Textured wallpaper – a wall with a surprising feel will add that edge to your space


For an aesthetically appealing vision no matter where you look in your home, the overall look is most important.

Ensure that the room ties in together with a statement window treatment like shutters, which can match up to the rest of your space with ease.

What makes shutters the ideal choice for your inner decorator is that it has 3 different looks to alternate:

  1. Shut – allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the actual shutter and blocking out anything you might not want to see outside
  2. Open – giving you a glimpse of the outside world while still showing off the shutter and its place in your decorating plans
  3. Folded Away – pulling the shutters to the sides opens up the view completely, while decorating your walls rather than your windows

For more tips on how to make the most of your shutters as a decorative feature, read our blogs on Adding That Special Touch to Empty Walls and How to Decorate around your Shutters.


The first choice for adding a fresh aroma to your space is flowers – or plants.

A second option – which lasts longer and is incredibly rewarding as both an added aroma and as an enhancer to your mind and body – is to invest in an essential oil diffuser, also called a humidifier.

Essential oils are oils extracted from plants which have powerful fragrance of that plant, or an essence.

Here is how to make the most of these helpful essential oils and make your home really stand out from the rest*:

  • For calming and relaxation – bergamot, lavender, clary sage, cedar wood, geranium, or patchouli
  • For uplifting or revitalising and energising – cinnamon leaf, lemongrass, peppermint or citrus,

*For those with illness, pregnancy, babies or pets, consult with your doctor and/or vet before choosing your essential oils.


Sometimes all you have to do is be in proximity of yummy things for your mind to acknowledge its taste.

Keep pretty containers or hand-painted bowls in your living areas filled to the brim with:

  • Chocolates
  • Fruit
  • Turkish Delights
  • Sweets
  • Anything else that is a family favourite in your household


If you’re in a quiet neighbourhood, you might be able to hear the birds singing in nature if you open your window shutters.
However, if you’re in a busy road, you may only hear cars and traffic.

We recommend drowning out the din with some low-key background music. Use a radio, phone and Bluetooth speakers, or a smart TV, and play some of our favourite playlists:


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