How to use interior security shutters in your home

How to use interior security shutters in your home

Security is foremost in most homeowners’ minds.

If you have a night-time routine of ‘locking up before bed’ or a heading-out routine of ‘closing, locking and alarming’ before leaving your home, then you already know what we’re talking about.

For flats and small apartments, exterior security measures such as transparent burglar bars (or clear-arm bars) or exterior security shutters along with a good gate and lock for the doors is enough.

But for larger properties, such as businesses and homes, there is a great benefit in installing interior security shutters, too. These are shutters made for the various interior doorways, entrances and openings throughout the building.

The logic behind this is fairly simple.

For example, if a burglar were to somehow get through one of your exterior barriers such as a downstairs kitchen backdoor, they would be trapped downstairs and will not have a way up to where you and your family are in the upstairs bedrooms.

This not only keeps you safe and far away from danger, but it also buys time for you to alert the police or security services.

Here are some of examples of where interior security shutters work well in homes and businesses.

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Not only do security shutters have the same classic look as traditional PVC or wooden shutters, but they are extremely effective, too.

Interior security shutters have the following aesthetic benefits:

  • Custom-manufactured for each opening.
  • Powder-coated in a wide selection of colours.
  • Outer frame with slim-line design to ensure the security shutter does not look obtrusive.

Interior security shutters protect you with the following features:

  • The security shutters are securely locked by means of a unique patented lock (a unique cylinder lock with a 16.5mm stainless steel bolt securing into the bottom track and 11.5mm stainless steel bullet securing into the top track).
  • Adjustable 95mm louvres reinforced by steel pins on both sides of each louvre (with aluminium louvre extrusion manufactured from 6063-T6 grade aluminium and a double core of aluminium running through louvre to further enhance the strength).
  • Wall thickness allows for extra sturdiness, ensuring that the screws of the hinges do not pull out.
  • Durable and long-lasting, well suited to harsh conditions and coastal climates, and powder coated with a UV resistant finish. (At Shutterlux, we offer a 5-year guarantee on our security shutters.)

Every home is unique, and exterior and interior security shutters can give your unique home the safety and security needed for true peace of mind.


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