3 Festive Home Decor Ideas to Spruce up your Wooden Shutters

3 Festive Home Decor Ideas to Spruce up your Wooden Shutters

Thankfully, we have made your life a little easier by putting together this guide on how to decorate your home this festive season and even spruce up those wooden shutters.

Tis the season to decorate! With festive season here there are a thousand things to do from entertaining the kids, getting the house ready for visitors to put up the Christmas tree.

We understand you are spending a tone of time at home and are probably tired of looking at those wooden shutters. Well, let’s get into how you can have your home looking like a festive wonderland and in the same breath spruce up your wooden shutters for the festive season.

1. Don’t overdo it.

We understand that most people love, but some of us can go a bit overboard during the holidays. The good idea is to select a feature in your family room, for example, your wooden shutters and then one festive element like fairy lights or tinsel. Take those elements and string them along the top of your wooden shutters.

This is an excellent way to add a small piece of festive décor around a grand feature of the room.

2. Have the main feature in the corner of the room across the entryway.

The main feature of the holiday is the Christmas tree. The best spot to put this on display would be in the corner, away from the entryway and next to your windows, with your wooden shutters. That way when you enter the room, your eye looks at the tree, and if your shutters are open, people have a view of it from the outside.

It is an excellent way to compliment the general flow of your home along with adding that festive cheer in your neighbourhood. There is nothing like walking by a house and seeing the twinkle lights through wooden shutter slates. Furthermore, if you have bay windows that have wooden shutters, you can centre the tree in the middle of the bay window area. The white wooden shutters will complement the greenery of the tree well.

3. String lights in the window in between your Wooden Shutters.

Another way of adding that festive cheer to your home and spruce up your wooden shutters is to have string lights on the street facing side of the shutters. There are various LED light curtains and string lights which you can get and have them displayed that way people from the outside of your home can see the pretty lights on a beautiful wooden shutter backdrop.

You need not break the bank to have your home looking super festive. It is all in the small touches and using what you have. So if you have wooden shutters installed in your home, use those to your advantage by adding those tiny festive elements to make them pop.


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