4 Reasons to Invest in Security Shutters

4 Reasons to Invest in Security Shutters

Shutterlux Security Shutters are a true crime barrier with specialised reinforcements and a patented locking system to keep you and your family safe

South Africa is a special and indeed beautiful country, but there are a few personal and home essentials that make living in our country a little easier and safer.

Firstly, you always need a raincoat or umbrella in your car as our weather tends to be unpredictable. Secondly, most of us spend our Saturday mornings in a grocery store or a mall grabbing the weeks necessities. Thirdly, Sunday afternoon naps are such a great way to end off a busy week in SA, and lastly but most importantly home security measures are really non-negotiable.

Home security cannot be taken for granted

The safety and security of your family members automatically become a priority when living in South Africa. There are many measures we can take to make sure we are covered. From burglar bars to alarm systems and security gates, just to name a few. We all want peace-of-mind making sure we are safe and secure in our home, especially during those Sunday afternoon naps.

Security Shutters are the modern alternative

Another way to ensure your family’s safety and security is by installing Shutterlux security shutters. Many of us have open front yards and still, want to enjoy this freedom. Having a security gate and boundary wall could hinder the enjoyment of this freedom. A great way to still enjoy this and have the added benefit of security is to install security shutters in your home.

In this blog, we will have a look at the ins and outs of our security shutters as well as four reasons why to install these in your home.

The ins and outs of Security Shutters

The locking system

The locking system has been specifically and cleverly designed with a sleek locking mechanism making it discrete (tamper proof) and functional. Therefore you have an added benefit of a locking system that not only gets the job done well but does so and still looks sleek and sophisticated.

The shutter frame

The solid aluminium frame consists of a 2.5mm rib. This has been done to get that extra strength which makes them nearly impenetrable. The anchor points of the structure are secured with 11.5mm hardened stainless steel bolts. These are fixed to the bottom of the frame. At the top of the frame, there are 16.5mm hardened stainless steel bottles which add to the durability and sturdiness of the frame making it even more secure.

Here are four reasons to consider installing Security Shutters

1. Safety is a priority in South Africa

Having security shutters adds an additional barrier to keep your family and home safe. Furthermore, security shutters have both the appeal of security and the sophistication of style. They are designed to look sleek while having the benefit of being nearly impenetrable.

2. Utilised on exteriors and interiors

Security shutters are great for exterior use as they are made from durable aluminium, so they will work great on your patio or exterior entertainment area keeping all your outdoor belongings safe. They are also well suited to interior use as they add to a sleek modern look.

3. Suited to harsh conditions and coastal climates

If you are living near the coast or in an area with high rain and windy conditions, security shutters will still have a great lifespan as they have been powder coated to within stand harsh weather conditions.

4. Long-term cost benefits 

Security shutters have long-term cost benefits. The maintenance on our security shutters is minimal in comparison to other window coverings or security gates, which could rust. Also when installing security shutters, you won’t need all the other additional security barriers in your home. Lastly, security shutters act as a great deterrent to criminals which means you will end up suffering fewer burglaries which will save on insurance.

In this day and age, we cannot take the safety of our homes and our families for granted. Consider the benefits of our well-crafted Shutterlux Security Shutters. It could save you a pretty penny in the long run.


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