4 Ways to Use Shutters as Room Dividers

4 Ways to Use Shutters as Room Dividers

Shutters are one of the go-to window treatments for almost any kind of window or entrance, but did you know you could also use it within your home? The versatility of this ‘window’ treatment is seen even more in the possibility of using shutters as room dividers in open plan spaces, as well as in interior doorways.

We’ve put together some of the best ways to utilise the humble shutter as a divider within your home below.

1. Kitchen & Dining Room

Café shutters as a pass-through are the quaintest and most practical way to join a kitchen and dining room which share a wall.

Whether you’re entertaining and want to hide the chaos of the kitchen or you just want to separate your family’s daily dining space from the cooking space, this is a convenient and attractive option for any home.

Sometimes the kitchen is not linked to the dining room, but is too small to have an eating area of its own. To make café shutters work in this instance, lengthen the pass-through countertop and add barstools or chairs on the other side for a cute and intimate dining space on the other side.

2. En Suite Bathroom

Shutters dividing a bedroom and bathroom offer the best of both worlds – you won’t need to be too extreme in your decision between an en suite bathroom and an open-plan bedroom and bathroom.

This classy application of shutters leaves plenty of room for you to play around with and design a space that suits both your needs and your style.

We recommend our moisture-resistant PVC shutters, which also come in a wide range of painted finishes to suit your chosen aesthetic.

3. General room dividers

In homes or apartments with an open-plan living area, it may be helpful to create smaller designated spaces for reading or homework or as a small home office.

4. Passageways & Doorways

Shutters can also be used to create passageways or corridors which can be opened and closed according to the needs of the day.

For the kind of room where you need to control the level of privacy, shutter doors are perfect. For example, for a children’s play room, you’d be able to keep the doors closed but the shutters open, allowing them space to be free, while you are still able to hear if you are needed.

This also works as an interior window, as opposed to a full doorway, and sometimes this extra internal window can bring light into a darker room.

An internal shutter doorway works well for a walk-in closet, too, as it gives the room a sophisticated touch, especially with a classic white shutter. If you keep valuables in your cupboards, security shutters will keep them safe while retaining the look you need.

So if we’ve inspired you to realise exactly how you can fully utilise your space with the help of our shutters, contact us to get started.


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