Adding That Special Touch to Empty Walls

Adding That Special Touch to Empty Walls

When decorating a room, we can get so caught up with colours and furniture that we can be left with a room that feels incomplete even when we’re supposed to have finished it.

Take those empty walls and give them that special touch with some of our exciting decorating ideas below.


What can’t be put in a frame?

Frame your favourite painting or find a trio of equally-sized paintings to place in a row next to each other. Frame the photos closest to your heart in all shapes and sizes and fill the wall with them. Alternatively, get creative and arrange empty frames across the wall. The possibilities are endless!

Greenery & Plants

Bring the feeling of nature inside by framing artificial plants, covering the walls in artificial vines, or even hanging real pot plants.


Why not get the best of both worlds – function and style – with shelving and storage on your wall. From a robust cabinet to an arty bookshelf, and even hanging shelves and crates, this is the ideal way to express your personality while fully utilising an empty space.


Allow the light of the room to multiply as it reflects through a large mirror, or even a collection of smaller ones. Otherwise, use a mirror with an extravagant frame to create a real show-piece. These special functional decorations even give the illusion of a space looking bigger than it actually is.

Murals & Wallpapers

You could go for a traditional patterned wallpaper for a sophisticated touch, or you could show off your creative side with a mural painted directly on the wall. You could even attach traditional café shutters to the wall and paint the behind area to give the illusion of a window.


If you’re a collector, why not use an empty wall to display your collection? Give the wall a coat of paint in a complementary colour, and hang up your collectable guitars or antique plates.


Push the envelope and make use of textiles, materials, and tapestries – even the ones not usually meant for walls, such as rugs. Those with a background in haberdashery could even make their own rather than shop around.


For all the wall-decorating ideas we’ve mentioned, shutters are the ideal partner. As a window treatment, it lets in light and lets you control just how much. And as a part of the design and décor of a room, shutters add that extra special touch, too.


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