Dazzlingly Different Shapes for Shutters

Dazzlingly Different Shapes for Shutters

Did you know – Shutters can be made to fit window spaces of almost any shape or size?

These window treatments offer a myriad of benefits, from aesthetics to function, and everything in between.

When you install shutters in your home, either wooden or PVC, you are promised durability, style, and control over the amount of light you let in. But few people know just how customisable these wonderful window furnishings are. 

That’s why we’ve created a look-book showcasing some of the creative and unique shapes that you can have your shutters made for. 

Have a look and get inspired!

Circular, Half- and Quarter-Circle

Use these rounded shapes as standalone features or to turn your doorways into distinguished archways.

Photo Credit: Capricorn Blinds | American Shutters

Angular and Corners

Take advantage of the angles which make your home unique by shaping your windows to match.

Photo Credit: Pinterest | The Blind Factory


Sometimes you just need a little more light in your room, and what better way than to utilise the higher spaces available.

Photo Credit: Riverside Shutters London | Jasno


Turn the transition between indoor and outdoor into a whimsical experience with shutters made to cover sliding doors or to serve as a doorway itself. 

Photo Credit: SA Homeowner | Spice 4 Life


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