Different Shutters for Different Industries

Different Shutters for Different Industries

Shutters are not exclusive to the suburban, white-picket-fence home. They are both useful and attractive in a number of industries and fields, offering security, style and sophistication.

Here are some ideas to inspire your workplace’s new look.

Food & Drink

From restaurants with a lovely view to coffee kiosks and food trucks, bar areas and more – the options are endless.

Control the amount of sunlight and breeze streaming in through large restaurant windows. Have a quick and easy way to lock up shop as you secure your kiosk or food truck overnight using security shutters or rolling shutters. (Pro tip: Get creative with painting your branding on the rolled down shutters to advertise whether you’re open or not!) Close off your bar area after taking stock at the end of the day. 

Get the look and feel you need for all food and drink services.

Reception Areas, Waiting Rooms & More

If your office or workplace has a reception area or waiting room, you would want it to be as warm and welcoming as possible to put your visitors at ease. A wooden or PVC shutter can do just that, while allowing the receptionist to see out as well.

A family doctor, therapist and any type of consultant in other fields might use such shutters to put clients at ease with a cosier or more relaxed office and consulting space. Conference rooms and meeting rooms can also make use of shutters, between rooms or as window treatments.

Shops & Retail

You need security, whether you’re a pharmacy, a clothing store or anything in between.

Just like the above coffee kiosks, you could set up a kiosk to sell products without worry, using water-resistant, aluminium, security roller shutters. These come in a range of colours and can be customised as you need, whether it be for a kiosk, a standalone shop, or a store within a mall. Otherwise, try a transparent shutter for all the window shoppers out there.


Hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs and venues for hire can make special use of shutters to give off the style they need, as well as for the functional purposes. 

With a range of different aesthetics to choose from, there is something for all levels and looks.


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