How Security Shutters Adds to Home Security

How Security Shutters Adds to Home Security

Why Security shutters add to the effectiveness of home security

When looking into the security of your home for your family, there are various aspects to consider, and security shutters should be one of these. When purchasing a home or moving into a new neighbourhood, it is common that you will feel on high alert even if the estate agent says the area is commonly known as safe with no signs of burglary. As we are a witness in South Africa, situations change with time. Therefore, it is vital to remain on high alert and not take certain things for granted.

There are many security measures you can take to keep your property and family safe from harm. These measure range from simple things, for example making sure there is enough lighting and visibility around your property to more extreme measures such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems and also security shutters. Having all these measures can create a stronghold for your family and home.

1. Testing the weak spots of your home 

When purchasing a new home, you are likely to look at the problem areas of the house regarding its structure, if it has any leaks and damp spots or areas that need painting. Similarly, assess your home as if you are going to try and break into your new home. This will give you a better idea of the points that need to be strengthened and secured.

A good tip is to test out the structural integrity of your window frames especially if they are wooden as well as your door frames. These are likely entry points for burglars. There are a number of solutions, and we’ll look at security shutters as one, next.

2. Why security shutters add to more effective home security

As mentioned above, our windows are a likely entry point for burglars. The old fashion burglar bars which installed on the outside of your window have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years if maintained. Over time the bars rust away making them easy to get through. An alternative to this is security shutters.

Security Shutters are installed on the inside of your home which is ideal as this protects from prolonged weather damage. Furthermore, security shutters are designed with a patented, unique locking system, and a push rode system, making your home almost impenetrable. This locking system in hidden within the shutter, therefore, no can access this even if they broke into your window.

Security shutters have aluminium rods running through them to strengthen the whole installation.

3. Add outdoor lighting, trim your trees and again install security shutters

When assessing your home for weak points, consider adding more lighting around the perimeter of your home to lighten up hidden spots in your yard. The more light you add to the exterior of your home, the more visibility you create. Thus making it hard for burglars to hide.

In addition to adding more light, try and maintain your greenery and trees. This is a great way to not only keep your yard neat but furthermore limits the blind spots and hiding places within your exterior spaces. This will improve visibility even further and allows you to control your home’s safety more closely.

Security shutters are made from aluminium which makes them durable and can also be installed on exterior patios, entertainment areas and large sliding doors. This creates an almost impenetrable barrier to your home from the exterior.

The safety of your home is something one cannot leave to chance. It is vital to be more vigilant and not take the small measures for granted. Furthermore making larger changes like installing security shutters will give you the much-needed peace of mind and will eliminate one of your worries, like people trying to enter your home through your windows or doors, which are the most common points of entry.


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