How to Match up Different Woods

How to Match up Different Woods

Who doesn’t love the warmth and wistfulness that wood can bring to a home?

But we often get confused when decorating according to woods because of how different they all are – different colours, undertones, grains and more!

Read our breakdown and simplify your journey towards having that fairytale home you’ve always wanted.

Colours vs Undertones

Have you noticed just how wide your selection is when it comes to wood colours?

We know we shouldn’t be mixing too many different colours together, but your saving grace in this aspect is that you can have woods of different colours which still share the same undertones.

These undertones are also known as the colour temperature. Warm undertones will be found in woods with a yellow, orange or brown colouring. Cold undertones will be found in the light woods and grey woods. In the middle you will find beige woods, which use the natural colourings of a neutral wood colour.

What this means for you is that you can match up woods of different colours, going lighter or darker, as long as they share the same colour temperature or undertones.

This will allow you to experiment with different grains and shades, while still having a string to pull it all together.

Pro Tip: Don’t try to match all of your woods exactly – because it’s nearly impossible. Instead, choose one or two different colours which complement each other and pull your undertones through.

Theme it!

You have a multitude of resources at your disposal to add cohesion to a space made up of different woods.

Here are some of our favourite ways to do this:

  • Pick up to three other colours and stick to those to replace the chaos with curated creativity.
  • If you get too confused, pick white, grey or black (or any combination thereof) instead of worrying about matching up too many colours. 

Pro Tip: In this case, use some plants to add a pop of colour without complication

  • Use rugs or mats to break the space up and come in between, for example, a wooden chair and a wooden floor.
  • Try not to mix up too many different finishes. For example, go for either glossy or matte surfaces on your non-wooden furniture items – not both.

So if you’re ready to let your home fulfil its whimsical potential, why not start with some wooden shutters from Shutterlux?

With high-quality shutters made from hardwearing, distinguished basswood, you can paint or stain them to match the undertones or colour scheme of your space and create absolute magic.


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