How To Spruce Up Your Bedding

How To Spruce Up Your Bedding

Your bedroom is your safe haven. So it should spark joy every morning when you wake up and open the shutters for the light to stream in like a spotlight on your interior decorating handiwork.

Here are some simple tips and ideas to use your bed as a decoration device which can express your creativity and personality, and bring you that warm, fuzzy feeling whenever you enter your room.


Furniture is something we invest in. We seldom change it or swap it around, choosing to rather wait for when something breaks and we absolutely have buy again. This is why you should work with what you have when reworking your bedding.

For example, if you have an antique, wooden headboard and pedestal set, you don’t want to go for an ultra-modern duvet set, as this mismatch would be jarring. Also, if you have white furniture to match your classic white shutters, going for an off-white duvet will seem a bit, well, off!
So make sure you choose your designs, prints and textures accordingly. 

Now on to the fun part – colours!


The myriad of colours at your disposal when decorating your bedding creates a playground in which you can have so much fun! Here are three simple ways for anyone to spruce up their bedding style:

Whites or Creams with an Accent
Photo Credit: The Window Shutter Company

What makes hotel rooms so appealing? The crisp and soft white bedding! However, it also makes it slightly clinical – a subtle reminder that this is not ‘home’. 

So get the best of both worlds by keeping your sheets, duvet and primary sleeping pillows in white or cream, while using colour accents in your accessories, such as throws, quilts, cushions, headboards, bedside lamps and paintings. You could even paint the walls in the accent colour of choice!

You are not only limited to colour as your differentiating force though, so play around with a variety of patterns, textures, florals, fabrics and knits. A rug can also help bring together your neutral with your accent really well.

One Colour; Many Shades

Photo Credit: Freshome

Why not take your favourite colour tone and decorate using all of its many shades from light to dark? 

If you aren’t confident in being able to match up different colours just yet, or put together decorative pieces which complement each other well, this option does almost all of the work for you. It allows you to put things together which otherwise might not go. 

Just imagine all of the shades of blue blending together in your bedroom? From periwinkle to sky blue, or a rich royal blue. This styling method can show off your eclectic side with flair! Broaden your horizons further even by using a combination of all of the warm colours or all of the cool colours.

If that is a step too far for you though, use all of the neutral shades – greys, creams, beiges, ivories, etc.

Complementary Colours

Photo Credit: Hillarys

We learn about primary colours and secondary colours when we are children, but did you ever imagine that you would go back to the science of colours again?

To start finding a pair of complementary colours, look at a colour wheel.

Colours which are opposite one another are complementary. Blue and orange, green and red, lime and magenta, yellow and purple…

You could go further and find trios of colours, or you could use one colour in your chosen pair more than the other. You could balance them so that they are equally used throughout the bedroom, or you could use different shades of each throughout. The possibilities are endless once you equip yourself with a colour wheel and a little imagination!

So start seeing your bedroom with fresh eyes and see all of the potential that it holds!


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