How to take care of your new Wooden Shutters

How to take care of your new Wooden Shutters

It is a New Year! Therefore it is purely justifiable to make changes to your home. 

From giving your home a fresh coat of paint to cleaning your carpets or upgrading your flooring. These changes can make the world of difference to your home and give your house a new look. However, it is not always within our budgets to make these significant changes. Therefore take it one step at a time and install those wooden shutters, you have always dreamed of.

That being said, we want to make sure that your wooden shutters remain in the condition they were when first installed. We all understand that fine wood furniture needs to be appropriately maintained to have them looking good for years to come. With fine wooden shutters, there is no exception. This blog will assist you in keep your wooden shutters clean and look fresh out of the box.

TIP 1: Opening and closing of Wooden Shutters

Open and close your louvres with the tilt bar. Refrain from opening them manually. For smooth movement of the louvres, opening them with the tilt bar is best.

Furthermore, after the installation, consult the installation team on how to use your new wooden shutters properly. They will give you expert advice on how to maintain them and keep them look good for years to come.

TIP 2: Cleaning care and maintenance of Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters should be cleaned often with a duster or a microfiber cloth. If you have a soft-brush attachment for your vacuum, you can gently wash your shutters this way, particularly in the hard to reach areas.

When doing a deep clean or a clean to remove marks, use a lightly damped cloth with a mild detergent to remove the stain. Only use products that are recommended for fine wood and refrain from rubbing too hard on the louvres or the frame.

As simple as these tips may be, they are highly effective in maintaining your wooden shutters. When making a big purchase, you want to know you are getting value for your money. Maintain the value of your shutters by following these simple tips and tricks, and you will have good looking wooden shutters for years to come.


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