PVC Shutters help Prevent Moisture and Weather Proof Your Home

PVC Shutters help Prevent Moisture and Weather Proof Your Home

Our Shutterlux PVC Shutters are a great addition to your home as an affordable alternative to aluminium or wooden shutters.

As South Africa finds itself at the halfway mark of winter, it has proven to be a damp and wet winter in most of the country. Making sure your home is moisture proof, and weatherproof is vital before the rain hits. South Africa is known for flash storms; therefore it is imperative that you protect your home from water damage. Water damage can lead to various problems down the line. Moisture and water damage promotes the growth of mould and other organisms. This has a severe impact on one’s health, can lead to allergies and also profoundly affects those with asthma.

Imagine this scenario. You are getting ready for work in your bathroom, or you are making breakfast in your kitchen. You open the window to allow some fresh air in to fill your home, and you proceed to leave for work, forgetting to close those windows. A flash rain storm hits coming through your windows and drenches your shutters or curtains and the inside of the room. This can cause significant water and moisture damage. Let’s begin with our solution - our PVC shutters . These are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms or areas that have direct contact with condensation or moisture.

There are many ways to waterproof and weather-proof your home, to keep mould and water damage at bay.


Our Shutterlux PVC Shutters are a great addition to your home as an affordable alternative to aluminium or wooden shutters. The added benefit of PVC shutters is that they are great in environments like kitchens or bathrooms. These areas tend to have condensation and moisture build-up consistently.

PVC shutters are not prone to warping over time due to exposure to humidity or moisture. They have the added benefit of minimising allergens by having a solid surface where dust cannot linger and can easily be wiped off. Therefore having PVC shutters are a great addition to your home when wanting to have a waterproof/weatherproof environment all year round.


Another great way of making sure your home stays dry and moisture free is to clean out your gutters regularly. Gutters are used to stop water from gathering in spots on your roof by allowing the water to drip into a runoff drain. It is vital to keep your gutters clean from leaves and debris, especially in the rainy season. A blocked gutter forces the water to overflow and run down the walls of your home which could lead to seepage, and also internal water damage and moisture build-up, which will lead to mould.


If you are living in a damp area or your home experiences a lot of moisture build-up and not enough natural sunlight, ensure that your walls are patched up (if there are any cracks or holes) and paint them with a specialised coat of paint mixed with a damp sealant for those damp areas. This will seal the wall and keep mould away. For bad water damage to walls, you can chip away at the damp sections and fill them with a special filling mixture to prevent future damage.

Making sure your home is cosy, warm and dry during winter is a huge priority for homeowners. Furthermore, keeping your home free of mould and allergen free is even more critical. Installing PVC shutters will give you one less thing to worry about as it is easy to clean, durable and excellent in areas that have a lot of moisture.


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