So Many Shutters – It’s All About Personal Preference

So Many Shutters – It’s All About Personal Preference

Shutter styles revealed – the choice is yours

When we are born, the month we are born in is linked to a specific zodiac sign. From then on and out, some of us will occasionally check our monthly horoscopes for some guidance in regards to our future and destiny. We can't exactly tap into the knowledge of Greek mythology, but we can give you some insight into which shutters will best suit you according to your personality. Whether you're a bit on the clumsy side, the free spirit, the fun working individual or the serious go-getter, we'll find the perfect shutters for you.


Imagine this. You just come home from a long strenuous day at the office, you walk into your lounge, walk towards the sofa and instead of landing on the couch, you fall face first onto the floor because you tripped over your shoelace.

If you have a tendency of being a tad clumsy then perhaps these are the ideal shutters for you. Custom-made from the Linden family of trees as Basswood is incredibly resilient to most knocks and bumps that may come into contact with.

Say goodbye to the days of window replacement when purchasing this durable item. Host dinner parties and allow your friends and family to marvel at your dent free sophisticated wooden shutters .


Are you usually the life of the party with your bright and boastful personality? Then Louvered Shutters are perfect for you. Created for social butterflies like you, these shutters are made with overlapping slats of wood that are set into a frame. They are the trend in the architecture community and can be painted a bold colour, so it stands out against a plain background, or if you prefer to get your hands dirty, stain them for a more vibrant look.

Raised Panel

How do you spend your weekends? If your answer is something along the lines of waking up early, reading and attending charity events then Raised Panel Shutters could be the one for you. Manufactured to give off a formal feeling with its raised panel slats and coordinating window box, it’ll leave you with a sense of hospitality and warmth. These shutters are ideal if you're the early bird and caring type.


Some people can come across as unfriendly but when in fact, they just prefer their personal space. Café-style Shutters were made for people that value their privacy and alone time. It’s named after the French cafes due to their popularity and are usually louvred and cover the bottom half of the window. Enjoy your trail of thought while being surrounded by these beauties.

Don't become flustered when trying to decide on a shutter type. Let the shutters choose you based on your lifestyle and interests. If you're still not entirely sure of your decision, speak to an expert in the field for some assistance.


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