The Top 2 Reasons to Use Shutters in your New Work Space

The Top 2 Reasons to Use Shutters in your New Work Space

The new year is upon us and we’re gearing up for that back-to-work and back-to-school feeling. 

But for many of us, that no longer means physically going back, does it? 

For some of us, our home is our new office, and for others, our office spaces have changed dramatically.

Here’s the good news – no matter which camp you fall in, shutters can work perfectly to give you the office environment you need. Read below to find out why.

1. Security

Your equipment is valuable and important. 

Whether we’re talking about expensive computers, laptops and harddrives or musical instruments, audio/visual equipment and furniture – the bottom line is that it needs to be protected.

There are various ways which Shutterlux can provide a secure window treatment for your workspace:

Roller shutters: ideal for garage-like spaces, kiosks, food trucks and shop windows

Wooden shutters & PVC shutters: durable and fitted onto the window frame as a permanent addition, keeping out both intruders and the weather elements

Security shutters: aesthetically as pleasing as plantation shutters but with the addition of a unique stainless steel cylinder lock and aluminium louvres

Clear armed bar: transparent burglar bars which connect to your home alarm system so that you can have an unobstructed view without the worry

2. Aesthetics

Your colour options are endless with shutters because you have the option of painting or staining the wooden and white PVC shutters however you like.

Here is how these two timeless options can work for you:

Classic White Plantation Shutters:

There is a plethora of reasons why white should be part of your workspace colour scheme.

  • White surfaces reflect light and create a more spacious look and feel
  • White encourages creativity as a minimalist, blank space combatting chaos
  • White is neutral and timeless, allowing you to redecorate with ease whenever you may wish
  • White makes your company branding colours pop even more

Warm & Woody:

Some work environments need to try just a little bit harder to not come across as too clinical. Examples include doctors’ offices, psychologists’ rooms and tech companies.

You can make a space automatically seem more warm, friendly and welcoming by bringing in different woods. Our basswood shutters also come in various shades to help you match it up to the furniture and floors.

No matter where you are working as 2021 kicks off, start your year putting your best foot forward – start your year with Shutterlux!


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