Tips For Choosing Roller Shutters For Your Business

Tips For Choosing Roller Shutters For Your Business

Running a business is not an easy task, from managing staff to dealing with clients. It requires one always to have their eyes on the ball, that means also taking care of the building where your business operates from. Is it secure? Do you need to install an alarm or get a security firm – do you need roller shutters or standard doors. So much goes into making sure your business operates smoothly.

Thankfully we are here to help you where we can. Should you want to install roller shutters in your building, we have just the right tips to help you choose the perfect roller shutters for your business.

Commercial and industrial roller shutters bring a wide range of benefits to your business, from securing your premises to protecting it from rough weather conditions. Before we take you through the features and purposes of our roller shutters, here are four key things to consider when choosing roller doors for your business.


Before you even begin to look at your options, you should have a clear idea of why you need roller shutters for your business. Is your main priority efficiency, aesthetics, security, weather, fire, or multiple?

Do you want your roller shutters to be automated or manual? Do your roller shutters need to work with other equipment in your building, such as a boom gate? Making sure you have the right fit is vital when buying your roller shutters as it plays an essential role in the day-to-day running of your business.


It is important to pay attention to the guarantees and warranties which are provided by the supplier. As a reputable dealer, your supplier should provide warranties on the product itself, as well as individual parts. They should also have a long-term service plan available to ensure your product able to be adequately maintained.


It’s important to know who manufactured your roller shutters and whether they are known for quality. Make sure your expert is willing to provide you with this information. When you choose Shutterlux Shutters, you have the comfort of knowing the whole roller shutter is manufactured right here in South Africa which also makes repairs and replacement parts a lot easier and quicker when needed.


At Shutterlux we offer only the best Handcrafted products. Each shutter is fully custom manufactured to suit each individual client’s requirements. Our shutters are both decorative and functional. The shutters blend beautifully as an architectural feature of your business or home while allowing for light control and privacy. Our shutters compliment all decors – from traditional to contemporary.

Fully custom manufactured:

  • Custom manufactured for each opening
  • A range of colours to choose from
  • Profiles – Solid, Vented, Punched
  • Profiles vary in size between 37-80mm slats
  • Foam Filled options for noise & insulation
  • Self-Locking with Motorised option
  • Manual over-ride available in case of power failure
  • Guarantee: 5-year guarantee

There are many aspects and factors to consider when choosing roller shutters for your business as they come in several different forms and styles. It is essential you take the necessary steps in selecting the ones that best fit your needs.

At Shutterlux we supply the whole of South Africa and have dealers in all major city centres. Please contact us, and we will be able to provide you with the perfect roller shutters for your business.


We supply the whole of South Africa, we have dealers in all major city centres. Please contact us and we will be able to put you in contact with the relevant dealer in your area.

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