What does the colour of my Wooden Shutters say about me?

What does the colour of my Wooden Shutters say about me?

Adding some colour to your home or office with coloured Wooden Shutters is a great way of spicing things up a bit while tapping into your personality at the same time

Colour speaks volumes. In any well-designed home, colour is crucial to bringing the emotion into your living spaces. Colour has a way of evoking a feeling. For example, a room with light blue walls will bring a sense of calm whereas a room with yellow walls will bring a sense of joy and peace.

Every colour has a particular feeling attached to. Here, at Shutterlux we have not excluded colour. We can provide our shutters in various colours according to your specifications. Therefore you are not limited to only selecting colours for your walls and furnishings. You can incorporate colour into your home with your wooden shutters as well. Everyone has a different eye for design and colour that emphasises there lifestyle and personality.

In this blog, we will look at various colours which you can select for your wooden shutters and what it says about your personality.

Red Wooden Shutters

The colour red represents fire. Shades of red can commonly be associated with excitement, energy and passion. An individual who would select a hue of red is most likely an individual who wants to bring about strength and power in the design of the space and furthermore is seeking to bring warmth as well. Seeing as red is such a bold and intense colour that steals attention away from other colours, your wooden shutters will be the focal point of the room. Therefore, the other elements should complement it rather than overshadow it. Select softer furnishings for the room and white walls to make this bold and intentional colour pop on your wooden shutters. Some wood tones give off a red finish as well so consider this option for a more subtle approach.

Yellow Wooden Shutters

The colour yellow represents the sun. Yellows evoke a feeling of optimism, joy and happiness. This colour also stimulates intellect, therefore incorporating yellow hued wooden shutters in your children’s play area, reading nooks and studies will be most effective. This colour has a calming effect, therefore, having wooden shutters in this colour can mean you are an individual who seeks a quiet space away from the rest of the world.

Furthermore, you are someone who values knowledge. However, yellow can be an overwhelming colour. Consider a whitewash yellow or a light yellow wood pigment for your wooden shutters. This is a great way to add this colour subtly.

Blue Wooden Shutters

The colour blue represents water. This colour evokes a calming and cooling feeling that can be associated with creativity and openness. This colour is most useful if you are someone that values cleanliness, air and the ocean. By incorporating this colour into your home, you are an individual that is looking for an environment that is tranquil. By installing wooden shutters in a blue hue, you will bring something new into your space that will immediately bring that element of cooling and calm.

When designing a space, colour is vital in bringing the essence of your personality into your living space. Furthermore, it adds fun when you incorporate the colour into your fixtures rather than your walls. There is a myriad of colours to choose from, so chat to us for some “real” advice. Coloured wooden shutters have a way of adding the extra sparkle to your home, and furthermore, the colour will emphasise your home ideas and personality.


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