Where are Security or Roller Shutters most effective?

Where are Security or Roller Shutters most effective?

A sad but true fact is that we as South Africans need as much security as we can afford, so let’s take a look at Security Shutters versus Roller Shutters.

In this day and age, we are highly vigilant and concerned about our safety and security. Be it in our homes or our businesses, the safety of our families, employees and assets are on the top of our list of priorities. However, do we use the multitude of security options available out there correctly? Do we perhaps use a product more suited to home security in our offices or businesses and vice versa?

Which areas need more coverage and security? Furthermore, which options are best suited for specific areas? This blog will assist you in making the best suitable choice, and further help you in making certain you are getting the very best product for both your home and business.

Where are Shutterlux Security Shutters most effective

Our Shutterlux security shutters are similar to our aluminium shutters. However, our security shutters are fitted with a superior locking system. The aluminium louvres are manufactured with 6063-T6 grade aluminium. They have a double core of aluminium running through it which enhances the strength, therefore making them nearly impenetrable. These shutters can be custom manufactured for each opening. They have reinforced steel pines on both sides of the Louvre.

This option is quite favourable for homes as well as the front facing windows of businesses. Reason being, the reinforced steel louvres and patented locking system make these security shutters an ideal option to protect your home or business from home invasions and burglary. Furthermore, the sleek design makes it more appropriate for homes and the front window areas of companies as they will not disrupt the design and aesthetic appeal of these spaces.

Where are Shutterlux Roller Shutters most effective

Installing roller shutters in the more open and accessible areas can be useful. For example, parking areas, braai areas, open “undercover areas” and weaker non-visible areas – here roller shutters will be helpful as they are stronger and versatile enough for areas that might seem more robust to protect, like your braai or entertainment areas.

As for commercial premises, it is vital to make sure that your business is covered both at front entrances and the back or side exists. For this installation, roller shutters are highly recommended as they are made from sturdy materials and can be easily motorised. They come in a variety of colours which could appeal to the overall look and feel of the building and the other businesses surrounding it.

If your business is on a busy street, opt for roller shutters in a vibrant colour which will set your business apart from the others and furthermore keep it safe from burglars.

Roller shutters and security shutters are both viable options as they provide superior protection and aesthetically they look great too. A combination of both these products should create that sense of safety in your home and business while maintaining the modern look of those spaces.


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