Why you need security shutters as new owner

Why you need security shutters as new owner

Each day we are faced with news of a burglary in our neighbourhood, and at most times we ask ourselves what the best way to secure our homes is. As each day passes, we sit and procrastinate, thinking for solutions as the traditional burglar bars aren’t as effective work anymore.

It’s either they rust, or they mess up the wall leaving holes, that alone causes an extra cost which is the last thing anyone needs in this economic climate. All of these give a new homeowner a headache beyond the one of finding the perfect house and all the paperwork that comes with it.

As a new homeowner, your top priorities are usually the interior décor, the quickest route from your new home to work the nearest shopping centre, and the old burglar bars that came with the house become the last thing on your mind. Well, now you can hit two birds with one stone, how you ask?

With security shutters not only do you speak to your security needs of your new home but you give your home a luxurious, sophisticated look that will have your visitors asking for your interior decorator’s number, not knowing all you did was install security shutters and addressed two issues at once.

How are security shutters the ideal feature to your new home?

Custom Made

Our security shutters are entirely custom made, they can be made to fit any door or window opening, making them the ideal security feature in your home. After all, any security feature should be bespeaking to your home.

Security and Style

As a new homeowner, you pick your colour schemes well in advance, and each colour complements each of the elements in your house. Security shutters offer an aesthetic appeal that will speak to the details of your home while still primarily providing security to your house.

Easy to operate and maintain

No one likes complicated features in their house, well with the simplicity of our security shutters there will be no confusions whatsoever added to that they are easy to clean and maintain. Not only that, our security shutters are made from aluminium which makes them durable, so no worrying about rusting or getting new ones anytime soon.


As security shutters are usually installed from the inside of the opening to allow for shutters to be locked and closed the inter-leafed shutter panels provide privacy and improved security from the outside. Privacy can also be adjusted when needed, which makes security shutters ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.

With that said, we can sum up that when you are making that purchase for your new home or revamping your security features, security shutters will be top of mind ensuring your get your home security sorted.


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