How to use interior security shutters in your home

Security is foremost in most homeowners’ minds. If you have a night-time routine of ‘locking up before bed’ or a heading-out routine of ‘closing, locking and alarming’ before leaving your home, then you already know what we’re talking about. For flats and small apartments, exterior security measures such as transparent burglar bars (or clear-arm bars) or […]

Curating your Home for the 5 Senses

With spending the better part of our days in our homes, it is only natural to want our space to be as homely as possible. So we’ve put together a simple way to engage the 5 senses to make your home more homely than ever! Touch We are tactile beings. That’s why something that feels […]

Shutters 101: Everything you need to know before you get shutters

So you’ve seen the pictures on Pinterest or you’ve seen our Shutter Inspiration Board. Now you want your own, but you don’t know where to even begin. Don’t be put off by the jargon – you’re in good hands with Shutterlux. Have a look at a breakdown of some of the terms you’ll hear when […]

The Top 2 Reasons to Use Shutters in your New Work Space

The new year is upon us and we’re gearing up for that back-to-work and back-to-school feeling.  But for many of us, that no longer means physically going back, does it?  For some of us, our home is our new office, and for others, our office spaces have changed dramatically. Here’s the good news – no […]

Summer Christmas Décor Ideas for a South African Fairytale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you’re searching for décor ideas after realising that most of the online inspiration is meant for a white, wintery Christmas, have a look at what we’ve put together to create that festive cheer a bit closer to home. Colour Switch Red and green has come to […]

Dazzlingly Different Shapes for Shutters

Did you know – Shutters can be made to fit window spaces of almost any shape or size? These window treatments offer a myriad of benefits, from aesthetics to function, and everything in between. When you install shutters in your home, either wooden or PVC, you are promised durability, style, and control over the amount of light you […]

How to Match up Different Woods

Who doesn’t love the warmth and wistfulness that wood can bring to a home? But we often get confused when decorating according to woods because of how different they all are – different colours, undertones, grains and more! Read our breakdown and simplify your journey towards having that fairytale home you’ve always wanted. Colours vs […]

The KonMari Way to Spring-Clean this Spring

The flowers are about to bloom again as we begin a new cycle. To start afresh, we think, ‘Out with the old!’ and so our annual spring-cleaning begins! But how effective are our methods if we end up spring-cleaning this often? Marie Kondo asked this very question as a child, and has now perfected (and […]

How To Spruce Up Your Bedding

Your bedroom is your safe haven. So it should spark joy every morning when you wake up and open the shutters for the light to stream in like a spotlight on your interior decorating handiwork. Here are some simple tips and ideas to use your bed as a decoration device which can express your creativity […]

Adding That Special Touch to Empty Walls

When decorating a room, we can get so caught up with colours and furniture that we can be left with a room that feels incomplete even when we’re supposed to have finished it. Take those empty walls and give them that special touch with some of our exciting decorating ideas below. Frames What can’t be […]

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